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Postby Jolly_Green_Giant » Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:59 pm

Hello all,

I thought I'd introduce myself. I am a big SC fan, Sci-Fi fan, photographer and avionics technician. I found myself here after watching Batgirls videos on youtube, so I have to thank her for all of the extra information and personal touch she has added to the SC world. Right now I'm part of TEST squadron, but that will probably change as I'm looking for a group that's a bit more personal, who knows. I'm 29, I live in England but will be back to my home town in central Florida before the end of 2017. My first computer was a hand me down Tandy 3000. Now I have a custom 6 core intel , GTX 1080, 32 gig DDR4, M.2 SATA rig just so I can game and have a quick photography workflow. Feel free to message me about anything at anytime. It may help that I am very open with people who want to talk about very personal issues without judgement, and at work I am a suicide prevention advocate. I like to talk, I like to help, I've been through some things and genuinely just like to help people. I also used to be an EMT, so there's nothing that bothers me, im quite approachable :) . Anywho, thank you for your time and I hope I can bring something to the table. Cheers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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Re: Greetings.

Postby Stabby_McPunch » Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:55 am

Former EMTs of the world unite!

Hey, welcome to the group. What ships do you have? What do you plan to do in the PU?

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