3 over one monitor stand

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Re: 3 over one monitor stand

Postby Waxman » Wed Feb 11, 2015 12:05 am

Received one of my VG248QE monitors today.
My cat immediately commandeered the box it shipped in, he almost gave me enough time to remove the monitor first.
Have not yet played Arena Commander on 144hz yet.
Ran Heaven and pixel test and no dead pixels. Sitting next to a VH226 IPS and looks slightly better. Not the TN panel woes I've been reading about. Have to play with the colors but so far it looks sweet. Only 2 1/2 inchs larger then the 226 but looks massive.
Mouse zooms across the screen, and when it passes to the 226, the cursor get sluggish and blurry. Cursor goes from gliding on ice like an Olympic skater on the 248 to a truck stop mud wrestler on the 226.

Now just waiting on the other two 248 monitors. (Next month)
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