For Free (mostly) old hardware: sound cards

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For Free (mostly) old hardware: sound cards

Postby Eris » Sun May 10, 2015 1:09 am

I am in the process of cleaning out my storage unit and I have a ton of old computer parts that I need to get rid of. Everything here can be your for the cost of shipping it to you.

Everything was working when I put this stuff in storage, but I make no guarantee as to it's current status since I can't test most of this anymore anyway.


left column

Sound Blaster Live, PCI
Sound Blaster (Live?) CT4810, PCI
Diamond Monster Sound, PCI

middle column

Sound Blaster 16 (CT2940), ISA

right column

Sound Blaster 16 Wave Effects (CT4170), ISA
MediaVision Pro Audio Spectrum 16, ISA
MWave Audio (u5970), ISA

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