Mother Trucker!

Rehab is not an option!
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Mother Trucker!

Postby Nubbi Nubbiwan » Mon Apr 11, 2016 4:13 pm

Just a lil post asking you guys not to forget about me!

Work has taken over my life again. The job i had fell thru and ended up tramping mainland Europe for 4 week stints.
Anyways im gonna keep this going for a spell (good money) and hope to be back on with you guys by end of summer.

Would love to be more active on forums but they have not figured out mobile phone roaming charges on the mainland yet :(
( Marcus, sort that out please :) ) I got stung with a £42 bill in Italy for talking to my mum for 8 minutes hehe.

Im going to Germany in august and hope to hook up with some addicts. Must have a beer with Reaper so i still hope your gonna be there bud!

Hope everyone is doing well and wish you all the best of luck.

Conker o7

P.s can anyone come up with some kind of SCAA logo for clothing? Or for that matter could anyone do the SCAA T shirt thing? I would gladly pay for P+P.
Would be good to "represent" in Germany.

P.s.s Hello the mumble crew! i miss you guys.
And you, to whom adversity has dealt the final blow. With smiling bastards lying to you everywhere you go.
Turn to, and put out all your strength of arm and heart and brain. And like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again...
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Re: Mother Trucker!

Postby Mage » Tue Apr 12, 2016 4:05 pm

Hope life settles down for you a bit soon!

The TShirt thing is a fun idea. I'm going to look into that and see if Pappy would let us use one of his pieces of art or two.

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