CPU Cooling

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CPU Cooling

Postby Firelance » Sun Aug 31, 2014 11:48 pm

Good evening all. In my spare time today, I've been going over the parts I'll be needing to make my new gaming rig (or should I say SC rig!) next year, and I've pretty much got everything nailed down. Except for one thing: Cooling for the CPU, which will be one of the new i7-5930k six-cores.

First and foremost, I'm not going full liquid cooling. Too much time, effort, and expense. This leaves me with the option of going with a self contained liquid cooled unit for the processor and air cooling the rest, or going full air cooling. The case I have in mind is big enough to accommodate either option. I'm aware the AIO liquid coolers have the better performance, but I have concerns about their reliability, and with my rotten luck, I know I'll be waiting for that day I boot it up and suddenly find the inside of my rig covered in coolant. On the other hand, air coolers may be reliable, but they are also (frequently) ugly, noisy, and bulky. The first two I can live with. That last one worries me. It'll fit in the case, no problem, but I've read that many performance air-coolers can block memory and/or PCI slots. And if I can't fit the RAM and/or GPU, then what's the point?

I should also mention I have no intention of overclocking this thing. It's main purpose will be to run Star Citizen, and with the equipment I have in mind, there is absolutely no reason it shouldn't be able to run SC at max straight out of the box.

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Re: CPU Cooling

Postby Shank » Mon Sep 01, 2014 3:15 am

My friend that helped my put mine together, just had me get a large case with lots of fans and it seems to work.

My comp is listed here:

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Re: CPU Cooling

Postby Solaias » Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:19 am

If you have the space in the case you would be better off going for the closed loop cooler. If you get a good brand, like corsair (as a random example), then their QA will have found any leaks before you even purchase.

If for some really bad twist of fate you do end up with a leak, modern water cooling systems (custom loops and closed loops) all use a non-conductive fluid and not water now-a-days, so your worst worry will be waiting for the inside of the PC to dry out again or that you loose fluid while not noticing and the CPU starts to heat up.
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Re: CPU Cooling

Postby Waxman » Mon Sep 01, 2014 4:03 pm

The corsair Hydro series are probably the best AIO self contained coolers out there. I do like the Eisberg series as they are also modular, (you can add additional block to the assembly). Swiftech makes some good modular units as well but they attach the reservoir to the radiator.

The rig I have now is my first venture into water cooling. There are some great aircoolers out there that have phenomenal performance as well as aesthetics. The drawback for me was the size of the units. I needed (wanted) 64 gigs memory, and I didn't want any slots blocked. I looked at AIO units but the style was all wrong for me. I ended up going custom. I choose one of the smallest CPU blocks (Raystorm) and this thing rocks. I will never go back to air cooled again.
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Re: CPU Cooling

Postby einnyen » Mon Sep 01, 2014 9:39 pm

I'm a huge fan, no pun intended, of the Corsair H100 and H110.

I'm hoping that they go a bit bigger though and make a product that takes up the entire top of my case (Corsair 540), and potentially the front as well.

Actually I don't really need these spindle drives... Wonder if they would make a bottom mounted radiator that just snaps into the existing HDD mounts.
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Re: CPU Cooling

Postby Reaper » Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:45 am

einnyen wrote:Actually I don't really need these spindle drives... Wonder if they would make a bottom mounted radiator that just snaps into the existing HDD mounts.

That would be doable you would just need to make a bracket yourself, but if you're pulling in cold air from the bottom you would be pushing the warmer air into the case :shock: .

And i agree i love both the H100 have one of those a couple of years and just installed it in the daughters comp never had any issues with it just great cooling.
I have the Hi00I in my new build.
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Re: CPU Cooling

Postby Kordis » Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:54 am

I'm currently using the Corsair H100 for my cpu, the vishera 8 core, and it's working wonders.
My first did have a pump failure after 2 months, but the replacement has been going for quite a while with no trouble.

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