A Brief History of the Origins of the Crux Cup

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A Brief History of the Origins of the Crux Cup

Postby Algared » Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:05 am


Relations began to sour between Earth and Terra at the dawn of the 29th century. The International Governors Congress (IGC) on Earth were believed arrogant and self righteous, it is was as though their mantra, “We are the cradle of humanity!” was a claim to an inalienable right for preferential treatment, such a view was irksome to many, not least among Terrans. Terrans then, as they do now see themselves as the first among equals. Terra is after all the nexus of multiple Jump points and trade routes. Truly, Terra is the center of the UEE.

The failure of the Archangel project started in 2872, to produce quick results only increased the perception that Earth was overly centralized, wasteful and constantly failing to represent the common man, especially as earth's senator to the UEE congress was, and continues to be amongst the most vocal supporters of the project, has done little to ease the rivalry especially as the Terran representative has been and continues loudest opponent of the Archangel project. Thus while earth seeks to maintain their place of relevance within the empire, some Terran citizens have began to question the need for earth at all.

As the millennium of Earth's first global war neared, Earth's International Governor’s Congress resolved to hold events throughout Empire that year to commemorate the sacrifices of those men and all who had sacrificed in the past, (for these sacrifices are what has made humanity and thus earth great) and focus attention within the Empire upon Earth, the cradle of empire.

One of the planned events was the “The Millennium Race”.

The Millennium Race was held in the Sol System on the 25th April, the date chosen as it coincided with ANZAC Day. ANZAC day an aeons old remembrance day, was proposed by earth's Oceanic governor, Hershall Verne Evatt, and accepted by the IGC as this event had come to stand for sacrifice, duty, honor, mateship and chief for the politicians on earth, commitment to empire.

A new race track which was constructed and named New Suvla, after the hallowed grounds of Suvla Bay, where soldiers had died on foreign soil for the sake of Empire. But the expense of building a massive raceway to honor empire, seemed to the Terran Congress to recall the Messer years and thus complained that it was a waste of Imperial funds and merely sought to detract the Citizens of the empire from the insignificance of Earth.

The first Millennium race was a success, all eyes of the empire were focused on Earth, visits to the Sol system increased ten fold and Billions followed the races via their mobiglass.

However, the IGC were shattered when the Champion, a Terran pilot, Captain Wilson Alexander George promptly praised Terra as the true shining light of the empire during his victory speech. Captain W.A. George (call sign WAG) also went on to win the Murray Cup in 2915. He died during post Murray Cup celebrations, having drowned in a tub filled with Champagne.

Conspiracy theorists still maintain W.A.G was assassinated because of the perceived insult he had offered earth. However, there is no truth to these allegations and no evidence has ever been produced that indicates foul play. All the IGC members and many on Earth were as shocked at the death as everyone else, and despite the theorists claims that Earth was involved, in truth Earth had nothing to gain from such an act.

While a success, the race failed to become the premier racing event. Still the races at the New Silva raceway have continued and remain popular, being used by pilots to count towards entry into the Murray cup. Also race organisers petitioned for and were granted a name change, after all every year cannot be the Millennium of sacrifice. The Oceanic representative, Hershall Verne Evatt, argued that the renamed event must still honor the ANZACS. As a result of Hershall Evatt's efforts, the race is still held at the New Suvla track on Earth every April , with the champion crowned on the 25th April. The races were renamed the Crux Cup (after the Constellation, the old ANZACS held dear) and the Winner named the ACRUX the brightest star. While the name change was purely a pragmatic one, conspiracy theorists have argued the real change was because the IGC desired the name change in order to remove the link to the suspicious death of the first champion and the memory memory of Capt. George's victory speech praising Terra over Earth. Having failed to establish the premier racing event the IGC showed less resolve than they have for the Archangel project and recently withdrew from official sponsorship of the races, opening the door for new sponsors and organisations to host the event.
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Re: A Brief History of the Origins of the Crux Cup

Postby Algared » Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:23 am

Who was Captain George?

Captain Wilson Alexander George or WAG, was the winner of the 2915 Murray Cup, A Terran National whose rise to fame and notoriety and fame was relatively brief. WAG had been a member of the Minute Men the premier interceptor squadron of then Terra Militia, he resigned his Commission in 2915 to follow a career in racing.

His first appearance on the inter-panetary scene was the Millennium Races held at the New Suvla Track on Earth during the Millennium Races. The Millennium Races were devised by Earth's congress to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of the of what Earthers still referred to as the Great War. Earth's Governor council hoped to promote the notion that Earth was still the premier planet within the UEE. WAG's unparalleled piloting skill enabled him to consistently navigate the New Suvla course and take out the championship for that race. If his racing skill was not enough to bring fame, he was forever linked to the growing tension between Earth and Terra when rather than praising Earth as the cradle of the UEE he promptly claimed Terra was the brightest light in the UEE and true Center of Empire.

Given his piloting skill it was no suprise that Captain George, easily qualified for the Murray Cup in the same year. As in his previous races WAG's piloting skills enabled him to easily win all stages of the Murray Cup championship. It looked as though he would dominate the racing scene for many years to come. This however was not the case, his career was unfortunately cut short. He drowned during his Post Cup celebrations, being found in a hot tub that had been filled with Champagne.

Conspiracy theorists on Terra, to this day claim earth had Captain George removed for his comments against earth. While such theories still exist among conspiracy theorists the truth is that Earth was not involved in his death and given his dominance of the Race Track it is more likely that if he was the victim of foul play that it was from rivals in the racing community that arranged for his demise.

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