Chris Roberts, Dimensional Traveler, Welcome to Earth

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Chris Roberts, Dimensional Traveler, Welcome to Earth

Postby JazAero » Thu May 01, 2014 8:58 am

The following is reprinted from a thread I started on CIG's website yesterday. I hope you enjoy it.

On May 27, 1968 a dimensional portal opened up and a traveler from another universe appeared.

At 1st he was still coalescing from the interdimensional time dilation.

It took several years before his body took final form, at the same time he was learning our language, ways and customs.

When he was able to articulate, he began telling stories of fantastic alien races, and places he had visited.

our leading scientists were baffled, they were skeptical and scoffed at him.

But there were a few who believed him and the fantastic tales he told.

When our civilization. Finally began to catch up technologically with where he had come from. He was able to use the new tools, electronics and computers to articulate visually so that we could for the 1st time, see what he had seen.

He laid out a roadmap to the stars populated with wondrous visions, but also fraught with dangerous perils.

He wrote his simulation software so that the best of us could train and be proficient in using the tools we would need to travel amongst those dimensional portals from whence he came.

Word got out that there was a stranger among us. This distant traveler could show us the way to envision the dreams of men. Ever since the 1st human gazed up at the points of light in the heavens and called them stars.

The knowledgeable among us clamored for access to this "software" so that we may see for ourselves the visions of time and space that this traveler has brought to us.

and for a time we rejoiced…! The universe was opening up to those who would believe. this traveler from another dimension has shown us the way.

it has been 46 Earth years since the arrival of that stranger. It has taken our civilization that long to understand the message that the traveler brought to us.

That we are indeed children of a larger universe, That if we work together towards one common goal with one singular focus, then we mere mortals can achieve our place in the heavens. Then we can travel to the places once resigned to exist only in our collective imaginations.

That we are all indeed…children of stars… Soon to claim our heritage as "Star Citizens."

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