Pirate Organization Fiction Ideal: Roger's Jollys

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Pirate Organization Fiction Ideal: Roger's Jollys

Postby Shank » Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:16 pm

I'm thinking about writing some stories based off of this.

I first posted it in the Lore Builder thread, then on the Operation Pitchfork site, and now here.

If anyone wants to take the concept and do their own short stories also I'm cool with that, just post them here.


Pirate Organization: Roger's Jollys

This group consists of former traders who were destitute because of Pirate attacks. They felt they had no other recourse than to resort to piracy. The small group that 1st formed the core of the group met in the Advocacy offices while filing reports on their loses and feeling that they would get no satisfaction from the Advocacy decided to strike back on their own.

Roger Williams still had his Constellation that was severely damaged, though he had no funds left to repair it. Among the group they were able to pull together their meager resources and repair the ship to serviceability. They poured over piracy reports and worked on strategies, formed from their own experiences of being pirated.

Once they had information on a pirate group attacking in a certain area and worked out their tactics from the reports, Roger's Jollys would position themselves as bait for small groups at 1st than larger ones once they increased their fleet. They would bait the pirates in at 1st saying they would surrender their ship without a fight if they were allowed to live, and once the pirates were in range, attack with everything they had at 1st, though this proved to be very unprofitable and dangerous once the word got out about how they would bait and attack. Many innocents were killed because they were mistaken for them when they tried to surrender.

They changed their tactics to finding pirates who were attacking traders and attack them while they were engaged. Harmon Quinn had been with the UEE Navy and tried to train them in basic tactics, but some would get too focused on a target and be taken out by other pirate ships. The Roger's Jollys were able to recruit some from those they had saved from the pirates that had been attacking them. They joined for different reasons, from lack of money like the original core, some for revenge for lost loved ones, and a host of other reasons. Over time they gained more members with military back grounds and were able to execute their tactics and the pirates better.

They only pirate pirates, returning any stolen property, through back channels since they are on the Advocacy's watch list of pirates. They keep anything they can not prove who's it is, as you can not steal what was bought with money from stolen goods.

They received their name "Roger's Jollys" when after stopping an attack they had captured a pirate, Bloody Barb, who was know for murdering even children when she captured them. After she begged for her life Roger put her in the air lock and leaned next to the button for about 10 minutes while she screamed in terror and begged, then gave a slight smile and ejected her into space.

Roger said as he walked away, "These bastards have made me so dead inside, the only way I can get my jollies anymore is from the satisfaction of knowing they can not hurt anyone again."

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