Clarifying Auction Start & End Dates.

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Clarifying Auction Start & End Dates.

Postby Captain Glume » Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:06 pm

Clarifying the start & end dates for the auctions.

The whole time zone issue translating over day borders has caused some confusion. I used GMT to avoid confusion with people from around the world but I think it did not help much.

All auctions run for two days (48 hours). There start date & their end date. These dates are based on what the date is at 12 midnight (0000 hrs.) GMT for the start date and 11:59 PM (2359 hrs.) GMT for the end date.

To put this into perspective in PST time zones (my time zone) the auctions start at 4 PM on the start date -1 and end at 3:59 PM on the end date.

Example: Feb 15 to 16 - Anvil Aerospace Gladiator Bomber LTI - starting bid: $150

Started on Feb 14th at 4:00PM PST and ended on Feb 16th at 3:59pm PST.

I hope this clears things up. So in closing all auctions start and end on EVEN days of the month. ODD days you don't have to worry. 4:00 PM (1600 hrs.) PST on the EVEN days is when the action happens.

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