I'm only going to put 50$ into this game

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I'm only going to put 50$ into this game

Postby mrwiggins » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:08 pm

thats what i told myself when i started. i really wanted a Constellation Andromeda, but who spends over 200$ on a virtual spaceship. so I started by buying a reliant when they were released, but it didn't come with a game package.... so i bought an avenger, only 75$, what could it hurt, plus i like the way it looks....so then the merlin comes out... it's cheap, and i can't have too many ships, so its a no brainier... then the p72 comes out.... we'll i'll just keep the merlin and have this as well, better get two so i can get an extra lti token... this continued a while, i've bought and sold a few ships, i currently have an exploration pack, and i upgraded the terrapin to a redeemer, (cause my org needed a drop ship and its cool) super hornet, p72 and a rear admiral pack i picked up a while back. who else was just going to put 50$ in :). I believe in the dream and think this will be a great game.

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