I'm an addict, and this is BAD!

The first step is admitting that there is no problem.
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I'm an addict, and this is BAD!

Postby TripRodriguez » Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:00 pm

I might not have spent near as much as a lot of folks here but I'm on disability so I'm probably one of the poorest concierge members. Let me do the math here: "nuthin into nuthin, carry the nothin......." (Jayne Cobb).

Ok I just popped up windows calculator and what I've put into SC so far is over 15% of my gross annual income =O

My priorities are a bit skewed LOL. That doesn't even include the investment I've made into sim controls and parts purchased to build a 6DOF motion platform specifically for SC (I'm a Rifter). Once you weigh those in I'm in for well over 50% of my gross annual income and all my credit cards are now just about maxed for the first time in my (34 year) life! Note I did not include the cost of Rift DK1 and DK2 in these calculations because I would have bought them even if SC hadn't come along.

Part of that new debt is also because I just got married but don't tell my wife I've spent three times as much on SC plus the motion platform as I did on the wedding and honeymoon LOL! Actually she knows.... sortof.

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