Where do I even start..

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Where do I even start..

Postby Fiftysixk » Sun Nov 09, 2014 2:03 am

I still remember the first hit I had.. It was so easy, just add to cart.. Just select paypal.. Man what a rush!

Bought my first Aurora package only 1 month ago. Figured Ill just buy one, no harm. Game will be out in a year or so, there was lots to read on the forums, and many 10 for the chairman, Around the verse, Nichole D'Angelo, Tactical advance, STLYoungblood, Greyheaded gamer, etc.. videos to watch. I could wait, I didn't need anything else, I was content. ....but that's when it hit me.

Soon after I made my first purchase, I had the urge to play the Arena Commander, yes! That's what I need! That will satisfy my urges! I searched frantically for my wallet.. wait! I can just use paypal again, its only a few short clicks and away Ill go! So there I went, flying around in space killing the Vanduul swarm, 1 wave, 2 wave, 3 wave 4.. Man this was the life.. I wonder what else is on youtube.. Wait whats this? Exploring? I'll have to read up on this.. Wow! I can be a real space explorer, find new planets, jump through wormholes! I need to see deep space!

My lowly Aurora looked less and less spectacular as the days grew on. The more I read, the more I wanted to upgrade. I wanted a dedicated starter ship, one to explore the cosmos! I looked through the ship catalog, wow look at this ship.. the Origin 315p, it was a real explorer, even came with a tractorbeam and everything, and the package is only the cost of a night out more. Maybe ill have Kraft dinner for a couple days, yeah... that's what Ill do. Melt that Aurora, just click that add to cart, just select paypal..

More Arena Commander, more killed Vanduul, even some battle royal! So much more I played.. And so much more I read and watched.. it was never enough.. My 315p, turned into a Freelancer DUR, and I got a Hornet trainer with that package, I was totally ripping it up! More reading, more video watching. I decided I needed a transport ship, maybe one of those Taurus, I mean how else am I going to make the credits to buy more ships once the PU arrives? I almost bought one. It was so close, it was in my cart, but I denied myself, rent was due..

A good buddy of mine works at the local computer shop, he offered me a AMD never settle code, I eagerly took it and claimed my prize, a shiny red Mustang OMEGA! a racing ship, cool! More I read, more videos I watched.. Maybe I could CCU it to something bigger, like that Taurus! Well Ill have to wait..

Then the Harold sale rolled around.. Cheap LTI insurance.. man.. that's awesome.. Only $85 bucks! Rent was payed, I could afford that! Just click add to cart, just select paypal, and again.. another ship in my account.

That brings me to today, I've come to terms that I'm an addict, and one day, years from now I'll have to stop, but for the time being, I think I'm going to wait it out, enjoy Arena Commander, and next year sometime when the Banu Merchantman comes on flight sale, I'll melt my freelancer and CCU the Harold to the Merchantman for the LTI. A few runs in that once the PU arrives and I should have enough credits to buy back the Freelancer and go exploring like I initially wanted to.. My buddy at the computer store says he can get me a deal on a Saitek X-55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S. $200 with 4 year in store replacement.. I think I need it, my Logitech 3D pro isnt cutting it anymore.. I'm going to see him Monday..

So much happened so quickly, it was only a month ago I was this stary eyed cadet in his Aurora. Now I've watched all the videos from all the Youtubers, and got my first strike on the RSI forums after 150 posts for calling someone a carebear.. I think I'm losing my edge.. I only have to wait until summer next year for that Merchantman to come up for sale I bet.. I'll just have to refrain from buying anything more..

I don't think I can make it that long..
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Re: Where do I even start..

Postby Shank » Thu Nov 13, 2014 6:11 am

Welcome to click o roma.

There is room in the Verse for all play styles.


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