Seraph84 permabanned from RSI forums - our response?

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Re: Seraph84 permabanned from RSI forums - our response?

Postby Shank » Thu Sep 24, 2015 2:58 pm

Eris wrote:I'm necro-ing this thread because it looks like Seraph84 has gotten himself in even more trouble with CIG now. He jumped in the org chat (with a changed "Community Moniker") and posted this: Good afternoon Yesterday Ben Lesnick, disabled my use of CIG's zendesk support system. In doing so, Ben violated The Pledge, wherein it clearly states all backers will be treated as Publishers. Have you ever heard of a developer excommunicating a publisher in the middle of development? I sure haven't. please get this message out to Chris Roberts as I have no way to contact the company now\ or example if I had a game problem or account problem, I am literally excommunicated. I would need to visit them in person or write snail mail. Does anyone know Chris Roberts's email?

Do we want to do something about him finally? I don't know what's going on, and I doubt that CIG would tell us, but the only reason I can think of for them cutting off his support access is that he's been abusing it. I even wonder if they are about to refund his money and kick him out like Derek Smart. Hell, for all I know he IS Derek Smart.

Quite frankly I'm in favor of just kicking him out of the org. He was never anything but trouble on the forums before he got permanently banned, and now he's even banned from tech support? He's just trouble and that's all he is.

Since he is using our Org chat to try and get people to go around the rules, or even break them for him, I agree he should be removed.
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Re: Seraph84 permabanned from RSI forums - our response?

Postby Captain Glume » Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:15 pm

Ugh, is he really? If that's the case then he definitely needs to go.
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Re: Seraph84 permabanned from RSI forums - our response?

Postby Eris » Wed Sep 30, 2015 8:13 pm

He popped up in chat again, but with yet another username. That made me look up his account to verify it was him, and I noticed this amusing notation on his profile:

"This citizen is currently on probation until 2024-07-18 14:50 for misconduct."

Only banned until 2024? I guess CIG was feeling generous. :D

I did a little googling and it seems that he also posts to the Something Awful forums. A Goon - go figure.

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